San Bartolomeo is Scicli, its Cave, one of the canyons that pass through the Iblei mountains and that forms the origins of this small town in the south-east of Sicily. The Chiafura caves are the entrance and heart of Scicli which continues to beat and spread its charm throughout the town.

There stands the astonishing 18th century church of San Bartolomeo, a triumph of the late baroque style and one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical buildings in Sicily. Its monumental yet harmonious façade is engraved in the middle of the two hills that embrace the Cave, putting it in a rare natural scenery that has inspired the words of the famous architect Paolo Portoghesi: a pearl in the valve of a shell…

And here we are: overlooking the yard of the San Bartolomeo church that seems to embrace and welcome travellers.

Sanbartolomeo Casa e Putìa is a place where hospitality and a sense of beauty go hand in hand, spreading unique and unforgettable warmth.

The rooms, all named after personalities that have lived there and enriched the San Bartolomeo Cave through the ages, have the benefit of a common area with a living room, a kitchen, three terraces loverlooking the Church of San Bartolomeo or its dome.